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Becky D. Ridley, Ed.D.

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AWARE Bledsoe Program:


Purpose: (1) To promote school and community based efforts to build mental health AWAREness; and reduce the stigma of mental health assistance (2) Provide and increase youth access to evidence-based wellness and mental health resources; (3) Promote resilience and positive behavior functioning for school-aged youth in Bledsoe County. 


Mission: To respond proactively to youth mental health concerns in order to improve outcomes linked to student achievement, attendance, and behavior.


Vision: To advance wellness and resilience education programs, increase and sustain access to mental health services and supports for Bledsoe County students and their families.


Funding: A grant from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides funding for the AWARE program. 


AWARE Support:

Bledsoe County school counselors have been trained to assist our students and their families with concerns related to mental health.  In addition, the school district in conjunction with the AWARE Project have placed three Student Support Specialists (S3) in schools to provide support services for students and their families. The Student Support Specialists cover multiple campuses and work closely with the guidance departments. 


What additional professional counseling services are available?

The Bledsoe County School System has contracted with Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System (VBHCS) to provide in-school counseling services for students in need of additional support systems. The School-Based Behavioral Health Liaison  provides services at Bledsoe County Middle School for all students. Small group referrals only take place with parental consent.  No insurance is billed under this position.


The Bledsoe County School System has partnered with Centerstone: a non-profit that provides school-based mental health counseling and risk assessment. Centerstone handles all payer source issues and questions from parents or guardians regarding billing for mental health care provided by their professional counselors.


Where do the professional counseling services take place?

Professional counseling sessions are scheduled with parent permission and conducted in a private setting at school.

The services are made available at school to protect the students' instructional time and assist parent in the appointment process.


Your child's privacy:

All services made available through the AWARE program and referral provider services are private and confidential. Bledsoe County Schools and contracted service providers will honor your child's privacy guaranteed under FERPA (Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).


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