Family Resource Center


The BLEDSOE COUNTY FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER is an outstanding grant program that has existed in Bledsoe County for 30+ years. Our sole purpose is to help students and families with area resources to provide basic needs and improve their lives. I am Karen Nunley, the FRC Coordinator.  Having served as the FRC Coordinator for the past 12 years, I've worked with numerous students and their families in one way or another. My office is currently located in Bledsoe County High School, which has proven to be an excellent location to reach the most students. We also house a Care Closet and Food Pantry that is maintained with community donations and is accessed daily by students who need us most.  





      FRC partners with area churches and organizations outside the schools for donations of clothing, shoes, hygiene items, and food for the pantry to help our students and their families as needed.  FRC is a part of the Bledsoe County Health Council to keep up with county assistance and resources in our area for our families.  FRC is continually looking for resources to assist our students in any capacity necessary for them to be successful.  FRC helps students and their families with housing and insurance to make sure students are getting adequate care and are secure in their living space.

Office : 423-447-2035

Cell:  423-827-4193


ANNOUNCEMENTS:     FRC has a Clothing Closet and also a Food Pantry to help students in need during this hard time of year.  If you need assistance, please contact Karen Nunley -Family Resource Coordinator at the number listed above.   FRC along with BCCX, Aviagen, Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative, Bledsoe County School Student Services Barbara Young, BTC Fiber, and many who donated items and money made Christmas happen for over 110 students in our county.  It does take a village and we are so blessed to have such a great one in Bledsoe County!  FRC has a Facebook page -BCS Family Resources- and I try to post resources for our students and families on this page and you are welcome to contact me through Facebook messenger.  Hope to hear from you soon!